John Hamilton


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John Hamilton for Mayor

John Hamilton, A Proven Progressive

John Hamilton is a Bloomington native, lifelong progressive, and candidate for Mayor. Having served as the head of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, John is an experienced leader and administrator. He currently runs City First Enterprises, a nationally recognized nonprofit that provides affordable housing and combats income inequality. His wife Dawn Johnsen is a nationally recognized women's rights advocate and professor at the Maurer School of Law. They have two sons, Matthew and Eric.

  • Bloomington Native John was born here and returned in 1998 with his wife Dawn Johnsen to raise their family and work with Democratic governor Frank O'Bannon .
  • Proven Progressive A lifelong Democrat, John has dedicated his life to progressive causes and electing dozens of Democratic candidates. 
  • Nonprofit Leader His nonprofit, City First Enterprises, combats income inequality by supporting low and moderate income neighborhoods, nontraditional entrepreneurs, and access to affordable housing.
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  • Today John proposed that Bloomington make a final collective effort to keep the hospital downtown.  “It would be a serious mistake to throw in the towel or remain passive in the process,” John said. “I urge Mayor Kruzan and the City Council to lead a final push on behalf of all of our citizens to determine what it will take to keep our second largest employer from leaving the city.” John is joined by two past Mayors of Bloomington, Tomi Allison and John … read more