December 2016 Newsletter


Dawn and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. We definitely feel the need to come together and recharge; get ready for 2017.

REMEMBER, we welcome one and all to our second annual New Year’s Eve Party, at the John Waldron Art Center in downtown Bloomington. We’ll be sharing food and drink, remembrances and hopes, and ringing in the New Year with friends. Join us Saturday evening, December 31st, from 9:00 pm on!

It’s been a month since the election that roiled our country. If you’re like me, you’re still trying to get your bearings amid all the stress, uncertainty and worry.

I will say that just having come from a gathering of mayors from around the country, at an event focused on the entrepreneurial economy and how to make it work for all folks, I am recommitted to the importance of local government playing a strong role in moving our country forward. The atmosphere among mayors was head down, teeth clenched, shoulder to the wheel, and let’s keep working on making this big diverse country work and progress.

We just cannot allow the bitter and divisive politics to infect our local efforts to work together for an inclusive economy, a just community, and a future that welcomes every one of our young people to participate and pursue their ambitions, no matter where they were born or who they worship or love.

President Obama was asked how he wanted to be remembered as President, and he responded “I’d say the same thing I urge my girls to be known for: Be kind. And be useful….And also don’t be lazy.” He thought that was sufficient.

May we all be kind. And useful. And not lazy.

Have a great holiday, and hope to see you New Year’s Eve!

Democratically Yours,