June 2016 Newsletter


Just want to check in again, which we’ll try to do every month or so. Dawn and I continue to enjoy the chance to help Bloomington thrive, for people from all walks of life.

Summer will see us working at city government to build momentum for some of the big goals, including:

  • City-wide broadband internet access, as we’re reviewing twelve responses from organizations interested in partnering with us in the effort

  • Affordable housing, as we’ll be considering with city council some new tools and approaches that can work in our community

  • The ‘String of Pearls’ of four important potential development opportunities to enhance quality of life, all along the B-Line trail, from the Trades District (aka certified tech park), to the Convention Center, to the current hospital site, to the new Switchyard Park plans

  • Public education improvements, all built upon the critical referendum which I’m working to help get passed this fall

More transparent and effective government, including cleaning up our water supply, fixing the broken parking meters, restoring key safety equipment like fire engines and snowplows, reviewing our sanitation system for modern options, and just opening up all the doors I can find and improving services wherever possible

I’m trying to get out and about to as many functions and gatherings as I can. Please don’t hesitate to suggest places I should be and people I should talk to! This energetic community has so many good things going on, and so many creative people working for good, that I’m often having to do triage on options – I welcome your suggestions about priorities.

Dawn is traveling a bit this early summer relating to two of her national efforts, with the Guttmacher Institute in New York City and their essential efforts to improve reproductive and sexual health and rights here and around the world, and with the annual conference of the American Constitution Society, in Washington DC, striving to protect liberty, equality and justice under our constitution, and welcoming Vice President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren among others as key speakers and inspirers for next-generation legal and political leaders.

Later this month Dawn and I will join hundreds of Hoosier Democrats at our State Convention in Indy, building unity and momentum toward the very important fall campaigns – more on those later.

And please mark on your calendar SUNDAY, September 11, from 4 to 7pm for the second annual Hamilton Family Picnic for politics and BBQ in Bryan Park. This Sunday-after-Labor-Day gathering helps mark the beginning of the fall political season and is a chance to hear good music, share food, renew friendships, and be grateful for our beloved community. Hope you can make it.

Democratically yours,

John (& Dawn)