September 2016 Newsletter


Dawn and I hope you’re adjusting to post-Labor-Day, school-back-in-session, cooler weather nights.

I recently presented my first budget to our city council, for 2017, including:

  • New investments in public safety, sanitation, and other equipment, so our hard-working employees have the right tools to do their jobs

  • New commitments to our employees, with more training dollars, more transparency, and a plan to raise every regular employee’s wages to at least $15-an-hour within the next two years

  • New approaches to affordable housing so we can assure Bloomington continues as a place where people from all walks of life can thrive, and

A new Innovation Office, so our government can keep improving at the pace of our modern world.

Much more is included in the budget, the single most important governmental representation of our collective values. Take a look and if you have suggestions for me or for the city council, which will consider and vote in late September, please pass along your thoughts. See: 2017 Budget Proposal

On a family trip this summer, Dawn and I and our boys got to see two great museums in Detroit, reflecting explosions of creativity: the Motown Museum and the Henry Ford Museum. They reminded me of a basic theme of American history, of invention and creativity, born of the open and diverse society that we have been working toward for generations. And that we must continue to be. They reminded me that cities ebb and flow through the decades. Detroit will come back strong, I’m confident. And it will come back more open and diverse than ever.

And where is Bloomington headed? That’s up to us. Thanks for caring and being involved:

  • You could help shape the Comprehensive Master Plan outlining development goals for the next 25 years

  • You could join efforts to improve our downtown safety, civility, and justice, as a wide group of people explore how best to deal with new challenges with compassion and effect

  • You could get involved in the all-important MCCSC school referendum renewal campaign to assure our kids have a top quality education

  • You could work on a political campaign or two or four!

Big elections are coming up this fall – so get active!! Volunteer opportunities abound, and your participation can make a difference in local, state, and national races. Contact the county party for details on opportunities: MCDP

Democratically yours,


ps DON’T MISS the 2nd Annual, Hamilton Family Picnic coming on SUNDAY, SEPT 11th, from 4 to 7pm in Bryan Park, featuring Governor candidate John Gregg, Congressional candidate Shelli Yoder, Lieutenant Governor candidate Christina Hale, and many other candidates who you’ll want to meet! We hope to see you and your family there!!