May 2018 Newsletter


Thousands of Bloomingtonians filled Kirkwood Avenue last Sunday the 29th for a Bicentennial Party, making a spectacular scene. We weren’t sure how many would show up for the event – first of its kind – but beautiful weather and bountiful imaginations brought a flood of people enjoying food trucks and art booths and reenactments and music and poetry and more.

It was a reminder that as a community we need to keep trying new things and seeing what fits. For example, this coming weekend welcomes our first “Granfalloon,” a three-day celebration of Hoosier writer Kurt Vonnegut. Check out details here. (Btw spoiler alert – be ready for a new Fourth of July experience! Stay tuned for details....)

And it’s a really important reminder that change happens because people make it happen.

Today is Election Day – an ultimate example of people making change happen. Voters making changes. And candidates putting themselves on the line forchange.

So first – BE SURE TO VOTE!! I know most of you have or will. Just be sure, and tell your friends and family too. It’s the foundation of our democracy, and how we improve things.

And second – HUG A CANDIDATE!! I don’t know how our elections will turn out, but I know EVERY Democratic candidate deserves a hug thanking them for putting themselves on the line and advocating for progressive change. I really mean it, whether a candidate prevails or not, they deserve our thanks and respect for competing and making this big messy democracy better. I promise you, candidates appreciate a sincere hug of thanks after a tough campaign.

So: Vote and Hug! And no doubt many will be doing FAR more than that today for candidates. Thanks for ALL you do, as supporters, volunteers, candidates, advocates.

Democratically Yours,


Ps: Consider gathering at Democratic Party Headquarters Election Night to watch returns come in (116 S. Madison Street), or at Liz Watson’s watch party at Nick’s on Kirkwood.