September 2019 Newsletter


It’s easy to get caught up in frustrations and disappointments of the frantic, 24/7 news cycle. It can be difficult to keep our balance and perspective.

Last Saturday in Bloomington was a great day for restoration. Our fair city’s downtown was abuzz with some of what makes Bloomington life rich.

I hope you got to join tens of thousands of people and sample some of what went on within about a half-mile square downtown:

  • PrideFest: The sixth annual local celebration of LGBTQ culture, ranked by Thrillist as the nation’s best college town pride, full of music and food and fun cranking up Kirkwood Avenue.

  • Fourth Street Art Fair: The 43rd edition of this annual festival that makes Labor Day weekend a stunning display of juried art from local artists, and those around the Midwest and beyond.

  • Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market: The 45-year tradition continues, of local food and growers, in a treasured and award-winning gathering of our community.

  • GarlicFEST and Community Art Fair: This all-ages celebration at the Waldron Hill Buskirk (Third Street) Park supports local artists and musicians. healthy lifestyle choices, and, well, all things garlic.

  • BubbleFest 2019: WonderLab hosted a weekend of all kinds of bubble blowing, bouncing and building, for families with curiosity and gusto—who learn while playing.

  • BTown Jazz Fest: The Convention Center where BTown Jazz hosted 10 hours of free hot jazz, from the incredible musicians of Bloomington and beyond, sharing their talents and lifting all spirits.

That was quite a Saturday, and of course beyond just those six events, many other things were going on too. Art and music and food and science and socializing made community happen. Not everything is sweetness and light. We continue to face challenges in our farmers’ market (referenced in last month’s column and the city website), and elsewhere. But let’s cherish the richness of life in Bloomington and keep making it better.

Labor Day traditionally starts the fall political season, so don’t forget the Hamilton Family Picnic coming up this Sunday afternoon!!

Join us Sunday, Sept. 8th in Bryan Park (Henderson St. side) from 4 to 7pm. We’ll kick off the fall municipal election season in style with great music, barbecue, and Democrats, including brief remarks from our two contested city council candidates, and some of next year’s governor candidates!

Democratically yours,