Election Day is upon us!! Tuesday, May 7th, I hope you will vote and persuade all your registered neighbors, friends and co-workers to vote!!  (Unless folks have already voted early – THANKS!!)

Voting has been called an act of HOPE. It’s a duty of citizenship yes. An emblem of freedom and liberty yes. A fundamental right. And also a personal act of hope, of belief in positive action and change and progress. All across Indiana communities are voting in primaries to select their candidates for the next term, for communities to chart their future.

I’m very proud of our work together since January 2016. And I’m excited about making more progress together in the coming years. Thank you for your support: past, present, and future.

Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado made a speech a few months ago talking among other things about our nation’s founders. He reminded us that the original founders, yes, did great things. But they certainly missed a lot of things too. And we’ve had other founders in our country – thank goodness – since then. Founders of our country who fought against the sin of slavery. Founders of our country who finally got women the vote. Founders who passed Civil Rights laws of the 1960s and basic environmental rights in the 1970s. Founders who won the right to marry. 

We need more founders still: to remedy pervasive economic injustice, and racial legacies, and pending climate catastrophes, and to establish health care as a right. America always needs new founders, to reach closer to that more perfect Union. And remember that what we do every day in our community helps activate and enable more of these patriots, these desperately needed new founders.

Democratically yours,

PS: Remember after you vote – come join all us local Democrats for an election night gathering at The Mill, 642 N. Madison Street, starting at 6pm on May 7th! We’ll share results and entertainment and food and drink.