June 2019 Newsletter


First, THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. Last month’s primary election went well, as we attracted 84% of the vote, and are positioned strongly for this fall’s general election. Dawn and I want to thank our campaign team, led by Kaisa Goodman with a wonderful cast of young progressive Democrats, and powered by many of you: phone callers, door knockers, event hosts, social media activists, and donors. Thank you!!

The efforts of our first term are on the right track – Bloomingtonians want to see a more equitable economy, more affordable housing, a more sustainable community offering a higher quality of life for all, and a transparent, innovative City Hall that takes on challenges and pursues opportunities energetically and actively.

That’s just what we’ll plan to keep doing going forward. We know that cities must keep progressing for our residents, in the face of infuriating moves coming out of State Houses and the federal government. Attacking the personal liberties of women. Ignoring the perils of climate change. Denying the need for common sense gun control. Stoking fears instead of building bridges. 

And speaking of cities, I’m excited to be joining Indiana’s most famous mayor these days, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, for an event and announcement in South Bend on Tuesday, June 4th. Some of you may know that Bloomington became the first “CDFI Friendly City” in America last year, as we pioneered a new way to attract mission-oriented investments for local needs, like affordable housing, small business growth, and community facilities like day cares or health clinics.

Well, South Bend is signing up as well to become another CDFI Friendly City, and I have a hunch that Mayor Pete may get some more national coverage about this. I appreciate that my friend Pete has invited me up to join their announcement in a discussion about how to support a more inclusive economy. He’s an exciting voice, and high-integrity person, and an exceptionally talented leader making Indiana look a whole lot better on the national stage than some of our other notables.

Onward we go! Thanks again for all your support – past, present and future. My colleagues and I in city government sincerely appreciate the chance to keep improving the quality of life available for more people in Bloomington. It’s because of your help that we can do so.

Democratically yours,


P.S: As you’re making your summer plans, don’t forget to mark down the Sunday after Labor Day for our 5th Annual Hamilton Family Picnic – Sunday afternoon, Sept. 8th. We’ll kick off the fall municipal election season in style!