July 2019 Newsletter


“Our diversity is our strength. Our unity is our power.” Those words from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ignited the room of 1,400 Young Democrats of America who gathered in Indianapolis this month. Pelosi noted that 60% of the current Democrats in the House were female, people of color, or LGBTQ. That’s what 2018 elections did.

The young Democrats were fired up to build on that momentum. It was inspiring. As Pelosi also said to that diverse gathering of young leaders from across the country (which our campaign helped support, thanks to your support), “You’re not just our future, you are our present.” Pelosi spoke of the past too, noting the day was 171 years after the Seneca Falls Declaration of 1848, when brave women (and men) proudly affirmed that women and men are equal and should have equal rights. Progress is long and hard fought. 

Dawn and I recently had the chance to celebrate our 25th anniversary on a trip to Hawaii, where there is today no majority ethnicity or race. All are minorities. That’s the future of our country. That diversity is our strength, as a country and a community. And as a political party. 

It’s agonizing and infuriating to hear the outrageous, shameful racist calls to “go back to where you came from.” It’s heartbreaking and painful to realize that one of our country’s major political parties is so full of leaders who won’t call out racism or bigotry, who are content to allow fear-mongering and divisive rhetoric stream on and on. We have to do so much better as a country and community.

We’ve got local elections coming in less than four months and national ones in sixteen months. It’s imperative that we keep up the progress begun in 2018. 

Our diversity is our strength: let’s celebrate the most diverse set of Congresspeople, and Presidential and other candidates, ever. Let’s celebrate the growing diversity in local offices. 

Our unity is our power: Let’s remember after the primaries are done, we Democrats need to come together to power the change so desperately needed. That’s what it will take to meet the challenges of climate disruption and economic dislocation. To make sure every person in Bloomington has an affordable, decent home. Feels safe and welcome. Has a bright future.

Thanks for all you do and thank goodness for Speaker Pelosi, the House Democrats, the Young Democrats of America, and the Democrats of Bloomington!

Democratically yours,

PS: Remember to hold the Sunday after Labor Day for our 5th Annual Hamilton Family Picnic – Sunday, Sept. 8th in Bryan Park from 4 to 7. We’ll kick off the fall municipal election season in style with music, barbecue, and Democrats!